Friday, April 10, 2015

Launch of new business and clothing line!

After a hiatus of a few years due to some challenging health issues, I have, this year, relaunched a new fashion brand called Transforma Garments and a new collection, the Infinity Corsets. The corsets were shown at a fashion show in April, 2015 in Quebec City, and I am in the process of organizing a new online store using as my platform for the new line of garments. The corsets, like my earlier dress line, are "transformable" - they reconfigure by zipping various pieces on to the basic corset. The corsets are underbust fashion corsets, not meant to be worn as undergarments, although they are designed to accommodate such uses (with a soft inner lining). I am fairly confident that the corsets will sell more readily than the dresses did - they are more readily understood, and my sales strategy can be combined between local sales and online sales in intelligent and useful ways. In fact, this second time around I am making far fewer errors of judgement than I did the first time round - the first collection was in some ways an enormous training exercise. Costs are way down compared to my first effort as well, despite the fact that corsets are costlier to make. For video footage of the new fashion line, see Infinity Corsets. For news about the development of my company and the garments, see my Transforma Facebook page.

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