Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Designing for Plus Sizes

I've also been reflecting on the process of designing for what have come to be called "Plus Sizes" - essentially, big people. Now, I'm big, although that wasn't always the case - in high school I was the "skinny" kid. And I've started to design clothes that change my image and work with my size and shape. But I'm also interested in designing for big women (as well as smaller ones :) ).

I've noticed that a lot of big women who are slightly (or perhaps more strongly) ill at ease with their size and shape, choose clothes that serve to hide or distract from their body shape - lots of embellishments, for example, loose clothes (although that may also be a question of comfort), often combined color choices that are bland or dark.

One of my ideas to rethink designs for big people is to imagine a world in which the average person IS big. In this world, "small people" are the exception. What would our fashions look like in such a world? How would these fashions be different from today's "plus size fashions"? I think the answer is, they might be dramatically different than they are.

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  1. I found your blog through your Burdastyle page and that through your bodice drafting tutorial. I have to say that this particular subject has been on my mind for quite awhile now- every time I go to the store to buy patterns the vast majority (or minority when you consider the number) of patterns aimed at "plus sizes" are terrible and unflattering. I'm not so big as to be unsightly and I detest the idea of living in a tent all my life. I really like your idea of (as I took it) rethinking plus size patterning. Gives me hope and its nice to know others out there share my ideas.