Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pencil Skirt....and Indian clothes

Took a break over the fall from my sewing, as I had a very busy teaching session since mid summer. In preparation for Christmas, I made a pencil skirt for my niece - it worked out well, although I have already modified the design for the next time - for some reason, I had the button panels open to the front instead of the back, which would have been more discrete and just as effective as a fashion embellishment. The photo shows my niece, Melina, wearing the finished skirt! I am now working on a jacket to go with the pencil skirt, made out of the same fabric. While in Vancouver over Christmas I bought some tartan fabric which will make a great lining.

Also, while in Vancouver, I found a two block section of Scott Road in North Delta with 10 fabric stores for Indian fabrics, saris and other Indian clothes. I bought some fabulous fabric there to begin making my first salwar kameez, another of my projects for the spring. More soon.

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